So the summer has finally arrived – of sorts! It’s an eventful time at the moment, and more is going on than I’d ever have time to either remember or write down.

This week, I’ve been up to visit my other half’s family up in the Midlands (technically, Coalville). She and her sister share a birthday and every year there is a massive family barbecue that we all go to. Massive is definitely the word because she has three brothers and three sisters, and many of them have had kids! It’s always great fun – though I didn’t take any photos of the barbecue, I did manage to get some snaps of the fields that we walked through the last morning I was there.

When I took the photos below, it was fantastically sunny, and was nice to see – particularly because my home city of Southampton is on week five of a six-week bin collection strike, so there is rotting rubbish, flies… the lot – all over the place. It was great to see some fields and breathe fresh air! Safe to say I didn’t enjoy returning home…